Client Appreciation

I started working with Accureta Wealth Management when our twins were born. We started small with RESP planning. We were welcomed and explained about non-registered and registered accounts in Canada, our contribution limits.

We had smaller accounts at various places like banks, group plans and personal savings. Team created a personalized financial plan, incorporated what we want financially in our lives and they have this unique financial pyramid planning phases.

Implementation of plan was done in stepped manner.

What I really liked is that each investments risks were discussed in detail with us before investing.

Team is approachable, helpful, education focused and keeps me in check and on plan. I would highly recommend their services.

Educate yourself and Happy Investing..

K. Bamezai

As a Wealth advisor for my family, Accureta Wealth Management team is everything for us when it comes to financials.

My investments were dispersed all over and never got the full picture of my investments and didn’t have clarity on future requirements.

As Wealth advisors for our family, the team helped us to consolidate all our investment accounts under one roof. We were advised on many techniques from Tax planning to tax optimization and savings as soon we started in the very first year. Our investment solution was built customized to meet our financial goals and actionable suggestions for entire life planning. Team did a splendid job in completing our life profile where we got to know how much you need at retirement and what you need to do from now on to reach your goal.

Changes in my professional life were easily accommodated and planning updated in real time to minimize impacts on my goals when I switched jobs from permanent to contracting.

I would definitely recommend them for everyone (I do it every day though)  who wants to have any kind of financial planning, you can be either a beginner, intermediate or advanced in terms of your financial knowledge.

I feel I am grateful that I have got a friend and advisor like Naveen and would continue to be with him throughout my life.

N. Gattu

Overall Accureta Wealth Management team gives an  Excellent service and advice. They do Holistic planning, which helped us in planning for retirement and education. Very approachable and truly transparent in their unbiased advice.

H. Singh

Naveen is a very knowledgeable and experienced Holistic Wealth Advisor. His focus as an advisor to our family is not just limited to investments but on the overall financial health. Before meeting him, I have done many searches on the internet to find a good investment advisor. However, most of the advisors have limited focus on what to consider when planning and executing the financial plans. Team at Accureta Wealth made a tailored plan for our family, guiding us each step of the way, setting goals, defining milestones, picking investments and educating us on each step along the way. Naveen is very approachable and has been always ready to answer my questions. I strongly advise to all of my friends to call him and ask for a “coffee meeting” to learn, get advice on how to stay in control of your financial life and secure their future.

R. Kucukates