Accureta Wealth Management™, iA Private Wealth™ financially advises clients on their individual and business needs.  We have a fiduciary responsibility to work for you all the time. We believe comprehensive personal wealth planning, supported by unbiased advice, collaboration and transparency, is the key to meeting your needs and helping you achieve your financial goals. We focus on the financial priorities to create a financial plan that’s tailored to you.

What’s The Price Of Financial Peace Of Mind?

The value of financial advice can be measured in several ways. There’s the growth in your portfolio that your advisor helps you realize. Then there are the intangibles –from building a personal holistic wealth management plan to helping you organize, manage and simplify your financial affairs so you can confidently take steps towards achieving financial independence.

Annual returns are a straightforward way to think about value. But how do you quantify the intangibles? What’s the cost associated with prudence?


Delivering services through Prudence and Care, a Fiduciary with solid process & Seamless Execution

Comprehensive wealth planning

We use comprehensive wealth planning processes to create strategies that will help you meet your life goals.  Covering the whole process we separate the parts in : Financial Management, Investment Planning,  Risk Management, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning. Each component covers an aspect separately to run the process smoothly, but in reality these components are inextricably connected. Thus, our recommendations always consider that fact, which differentiates the work we do from most financial advisors.


A proven wealth management philosophy is one that takes emotion out of the equation and relies on a long-term disciplined approach, preserving investments and minimizing risk. Your objectives, attitudes toward risk, return  expectations and time horizon are key factors in helping determine a plan that’s right for you.

Your investment accounts is the combination of all of your financial assets. These include stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other publicly traded securities. In this step, it is imperative that we consider ALL of your financial assets, regardless of where they are held. This includes taxable and tax-deferred accounts such as non-registered and corporate investment accounts, stock option programs and individual registered retirement as well as Tax-Free savings plans (RRSP’S & TFSA’S)

  • New Worth Statement identifying your overall financial situation.
  • Review your Investment Philosophies and Investment Objectives to identify your Risk Profile
  • Development of a Wealth Management Plan including a target asset allocation.
  • Implementing the Investment actions as per plan
  • Identify any Issues such as tax ramifications and fees applicable in the event of repositioning
  • Stock Options Review, Group benefits review


Planning for retirement isn’t just about contributing to your RRSP or group pension plan. It’s also about how you’ll live in this next stage of your life. We focus on creating a plan that helps you achieve your goals in retirement.

  • Retirement and Other Life Goals
  • Retirement Analysis Identifying your Current Situation
  • Pension Projection identifying expected benefits from a Defined Pension Benefit Plan
  • Government Benefits Entitlement
  • Strategy to Achieve your Retirement Objectives
  • Your monthly cash flow needs in first 10, second 10 and third 10 years of retirement. Needs are more in early years of retirement i.e. travel, recreational activities. 


Whether you’re currently at or returning to school or helping fund a child’s education, we will help you consider your options and maximize the value of a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

  • Educational Funding Needs Analysis
  • Strategy to Achieve your Educational Funding Objectives
  • Analysis of any additional capital expenditure goals.
  • Years of education you want to support for your kids. (Undergrad and/or Masters X number of children)


Insurance* is a key component of any insurance review. We take an integrated approach when assessing your needs to develop a risk management plan that addresses all aspects of your life – and all scenarios that could affect your financial well-being.

Risk Management

  • Needs on Death Analysis
  • Needs on Death Strategy to eliminate shortfalls 
  • Analysis of Needs on Second Death 
  • Needs on Disability Analysis 
  • Needs on Disability Strategy to eliminate shortfalls 
  • Review of your situation in the event of Critical Illness 
  • Review the impact of Long Term Care on your situation 
  • Identify Needs for Office Overhead Coverage 
  • Review of existing Personally Owned Life and Disability Insurance Policies 
  • Identify coverage provided through employer and association group plans 


The principles of tax planning form an integral part of our wealth-building strategy.  The overall objective is to structure your affairs to legally minimize the amount of tax you have to pay. We will help you accomplish this by adhering to what we call the 4D’s of taxation: deduct, defer, diminish and divide.

  • Deduct –maximize all tax deductions and credits.
  • Defer – Defer paying tax as long as possible. A tax dollar deferred is often a dollar saved.
  • Diminish – Position investments in investment vehicles, which attract the least amount of tax, having full regard for your risk tolerance and asset allocation strategy.
  • Divide – Split income among family member to the maximum degree possible while considering other personal objectives.


Being fiscally responsible is the foundation for accumulating and preserving wealth. As your Wealth Advisor will work with you to ensure you’re living within your means and setting attainable investment goals to build your financial independence.

During our schedule reviews we will evaluate your current and future debt obligations and its serviceability. This means, evaluating monthly cash outflow for fixed expenses both immediate or in the near future (like mortgage, personal loans, car loans, planning a bigger purchase in foreseeable future – vacation home, education or to draw retirement income) and variable expenses on discretionary spending  (entertainment, travel, lifestyle spending) .

Planning future expenses in advance can help identify the source of funds which will fulfill the future liability obligation and not leaving things to chance as they come due. Either you will pay from own source of savings, take new debt to pay or sell an asset to pay.

We will help you Debt servicing and Cash Management

  • Cash Flow Statement review and identify sources of improvement 
  • Tax Projection 
  • Debt Restructure Strategy 
  • Debt Elimination Strategy 
  • Tax Strategy to Minimize taxes today and in the future 
  • Emergency Funds and Liquidity Requirements


Purpose of Estate Planning

is to plan for the effective enjoyment, ownership, management and disposition of assets during life, upon death and after death. Fundamental also to the process is to maximize the estate for heirs while minimizing taxes and other expenses.  Thus, Estate Planning is the creation of wealth, the preservation of wealth and the conservation of wealth at time of death.

The implementation of an Estate Planning Strategy is achieved using a variety of methods.  The fundamentals of estate planning are the execution of a Will and Powers of Attorney (for Property and Personal Care).  More comprehensive estate planning might include trusts, estate freezes, holding companies, transfers or gifts of property, joint title or life interest in properties, and spousal trusts, just to name a few.

Before a strategy becomes effective, the appropriate legal documents must be executed.  Lack of careful planning or faulty execution of legal documents can alter or even invalidate the intentions of a well thought out strategy.

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Get in touch with us today if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the services we provide. We look forward to assisting you with all of your financial advisory needs.