What is Leveraging? 

In short, leveraging is investment through borrowed capital. Taking on loans to invest in has its advantages and pitfalls and is not suitable for everyone. Leveraging can amplify gains and can also increase losses. Investments with borrowed capital is done with an expectation to get rate of return in excess to the rate at which money is borrowed.

A client who takes a loan for investment purposes is obligated to their banking institution to service the interest payments and the return of principal at loan maturity.

The risk assessment process, in this case, is generally two-fold:

  1. A client gets assessed by their respective banks for their eligibility to get loans (based on credit score).
  2. A risk assessment is performed based on their client’s suitability for investments through borrowed capital by:
    • Assessing the ability of their client to service the interest payments and ability to pay back the loan while borrowed money remains invested.
    • Evaluating a client’s risk tolerance level based on their unique situations.

Though more complex, a leveraged investment boasts a higher initial cost and ongoing interest payments, which the bank’s client must pay—unlike its traditional counterpart. A leveraged investment has the ability to multiply gains but also potentially increase losses (interest payments, principal repayment).

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