Importance of Financial Advice for Retirees - Payment

After working and saving for years, you’ve built up enough finances for a proper retirement and it should be as fulfilling and relaxing as possible. At Accureta Wealth, we work with retirees often and offer a range of financial planning and wealth management services for all of our clients. Our devoted retirement specialists are eager to help you thrive in your golden years. Following the financial advice of experts can alleviate the stress of navigating retirement and retirement planning by yourself.

Consolidating Your Investments

Before you retire, it’s relatively common to have a range of investments spread out across different accounts, portfolios, and financial institutions. Having your investments spread out worked before, but now that you’re looking to start using them, it’s best to get them under one roof for far more streamlined and effective financial planning. This can be a difficult area to navigate. Looking for which investments to draw income from, checking on the health of portfolios, and making sure that your investments are safe can amount to a lot of time, experience to get it right, and stress. Having a primary financial advisor who can work with your consolidated investments allows effective and confident plans to be written with your specific retirement goals in mind. When we meet with you, one of the first subjects we will cover is your financial situation and goals. From there, we can use our expertise and experience to better construct a plan for getting from where you are to your retirement goals. We deal in estate laws, taxes, investment portfolios, and far more.

Keeping the Tax Bill Down

Throughout your life, there are two constants: change and taxes. Without a thorough knowledge of the Canadian tax system, retaining your savings and retirement accounts can be difficult. We all have to pay taxes, but there are a number of ways to reduce the impact of taxes and protect your investments and savings. Even drawing on funds can be risky and open you up to a number of tax issues, and further spending during retirement can cause a number of issues.

If you are looking to retire, be sure to plan and act accordingly. Whether years away or in the middle of retirement, Accureta Wealth is the retirement and wealth management for you.