Working Together as Your Advisor Team

Getting your Financial Team on the Same Page.

A very important feature of our approach is collaborating with like minded CPAs, Estate Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers, Immigration consultants and Real Estate Professionals. We recognize that for a financial plan to be complete and sustainable it must also address issues around income and distribution strategies and tax planning, risk and debt management as well as estate and legal concerns. Our external professionals are a key part of the process and ultimately help our clients reach their full potential around financial independence.

  • Working with the right advisor

Check your advisor’s credentials and ensure all designations are up-to-date.

  • Have the right number of advisors

Each advisor should serve a specific purpose in each area of your financial life.

  • Choose a “financial coordinator“

Your financial planner should be the “coordinator” of your team, we can help develop, guide, monitor and coordinate your team to achieve your financial goals.

  • Who should be on your team?

Investment Advisor, Accountant, Lawyer, Insurance Specialist, Trusted Advisors

  • Trust

By working together with your advisor team, we can help achieve your financial goals in a collaborative and effective manner.